JAA Simulators Ltd. was established in 2013  with one goal. To produce accurate and affordable cockpit components for home users.
In 2015 the company produced its first complete cockpit of the Airbus 320. The best seller airliner is also popular in the simulation community and the demand in component is very high so the company had to expand and invest in personnel and machinery in order to follow the demand.
The company has now 3 full time persons designing and developing every single component and another 8 persons in demand if needed.
We maintain in-house production so the cost stays low leading to a lower than other suppliers retail price.
The production is divided in 3 parts.

a. Panel & electronic components (1st facility)
b. Cockpit interior production (2nd facility)
c. Sheet metal, work-powder coating and final assembly line (3rd facility)

The company moved ahead to professional devices such as SEP-MEP I/R FNPT II, FNPT II MCC based on the A320 model & MFTD/FPT using EASA approved software. These devices are intended for pilot training and have been sold to airlines and training centers.

JAA Simulators believe in high quality at affordable price.
JAA Simulators has solutions for every user.