A320 Fixed Base Training Device

This device is a true 1;1 scale replica of the original A320 cockpit.

Every knob and every switch is located in the exact position as on the real aircraft so the crew can perform all the flows and get used to the geometry of the cockpit before entering the Full Flight Simulator in order to obtain the Type Rating.

All knobs and switches are operational and depending on the level of the certification the end user needs to obtain, we add all the hardware needed so the device meets the criteria of the regulating authority for the corresponding certification.

The device can be certified up to level FNPT II MCC.

Even with the lowest certification level the device can obtain credits for:

  • Flight preparation
  • Performance calculations
  • Aircraft system familiarization
  • TCAS event familiarization
  • Procedures familiarization
  • FMS/FMGS familiarization and programming
  • Jet Orientation Training and familiarization
  • LVO familiarization
  • WX Radar operation familiarization
  • EGPWS operation familiarization

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